It is difficult to estimate the number of sessions that will be needed for treatment. The typical number for ADD/ADHD is 40 to 60 sessions done on a twice a week basis. With more complex disorders or multiple symptoms the number may increase to address all the symptoms and needs.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover neurofeedback services. Blue Cross/BlueShield of North Carolina states on their corporate website that they will not cover EEG Biofeedback. Because of the number and frequency of sessions, the neurofeedback model does not fit into the insurance company’s model of proving brief therapeutic services that is the goal of most Managed Care Organizations or insurance company policies. In recent discussions with a prominent health insurance company by representatives from the neurofeedback field, the company stated that they would not cover neurofeedback until the field could produce satisfactory  results within 20 sessions. While our field has made significant progress in producing meaningful change in symptoms, we cannot yet produce these changes in 20 or under sessions. Providing quality neurofeedback services is an expensive endeavor. Equipment is costly and continuous training to keep abreast of developing technology is expensive.

The CPT code for neurofeedback is 90901 (Biofeedback). Heath benefits plans will honor receipts for services using this code. These services are also tax deducible as medical services.

Neurofeedback and related services are $100 - $120 per session depending on the number of services provided during a session.

qEEG – Recording of data in four conditions, analysis in two QEEG databases, and review of data on computer - $700.00  This fee may be modified for children who cannot perform tasks while being recorded.


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