International Society for Neurofeedback and Research - A non-profit professional association that promotes excellence in practice, education, and research for neurofeedback.

Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback - An international society for mind-body interactions in research, health care, and education.

Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (formerly the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America). BCIA is recognized as the international certification body for the clinical practice of biofeedback.

North Carolina Biofeedback Society - Helping you find health and well-being.

BrainTrain - BrainTrain is a leader in the development of fun, challenging computerized brain building systems providing cognitive training and testing software to help children and adults with brain injuries, learning disabilities, ADHD, and other impairments.

Biofeedback for the Brain - Neurofeedback helps individuals modify their brainwave patterns. This results in clear and lasting gains in their symptoms often without or with less medication.

Neurofield - Using energy matched to the organ systems of the body to provide stress reduction and relaxation.

OchsLabs - LENS neurofeedback is an alternative, highly effective technique of restoring brain function using weak electromagnetic fields.

The Society for The Society for the Advancement of Brain Analysis - A society founded by Dr. Barry Sterman, the founder of the neurofeedback field for the providing education about and analysis of brain function.

BrainAvatar™ - the next generation of EEG and neurofeedback software, available on the Atlantis and Discovery EEG systems.



A Symphony in the Brain - by Jim Robbins

The Biofeedback Book: An Introduction to Basic Concepts in Applied Psychophysiology - by Michael Thompson and Linda Thompson

Biofeedback for the Brain - by Paul G Swingle

ADD, The 20-Hour Solution: Training Minds to Concentrate and Self-Regulate Naturally and Without Medication - by Mark Steinberg, Ph.D. and Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D

The ADD Answer : How to Help Your Child Now - by Dr. Frank Lawlis, forward by Dr. Phil McGraw

The ADD Book - New Understandings, New Approaches to Parenting Your Child - by William Sears, M.D. and Lynda Thompson, Ph.D

Getting Rid of Ritalin: How Neurofeedback Can successfully Treat Attention Deficit Disorder Without Drugs - by Robert Hill, Ph.D. and Edward Castro, M.D

The Healing Power of Neurofeedback: The Revolutionary LENS Technique for Restoring Optimal Brain Function - by Stephen Larsen

Healing Young Brains: The Neurofeedback Solutions - by Robert Hill and Eduardo Castro


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